Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

01 - What should I consider when booking a Südtirol Transfer?

Südtirol Transfer is an online service and therefore can only be booked online. Please understand that we cannot accept any bookings via phone or email. Also note that bookings can only be made until the day before departure 3 p.m. . The system closes automatically – after this time no bookings can be made.

02 - Why can’t I find a connection? This is how it works!

The system refers to previously defined connections to and from the railway stations to thousands of accommodation facilities. Enter your accommodation you want to visit in the search field "Accommodation". The system now scans all accommodation facilities and produces a list of search results, select the correct one from the list. A field will now open listing all the railway station(s) that the shuttle serves. Select desired station.

03 - Why doesn’t my train/bus information match the connection data?

The train/bus information may differ from your information due to timetable changes. In this case, simply book the shuttle service closest your arrival/departure times. 

04 - What should I do if I miss my connecting train or my train/bus arrives late?

If you miss your connecting train and arrive on another train/bus, please contact the Südtirol Transfer hotline immediately. Our drivers are kept updated about the current arrival times of trains and will wait for up to 15 minutes for you to arrive. If you miss the shuttle, you can change your booking free of charge to later departures if these are available. If the shuttle you have missed is the lse day, you can book an individual transfer.

05 - When will I be picked up from the railway/bus station or my accommodation?

You give us details about your arrival and/or departure time when booking online. If you have a transfer on arrival, you will find the departure time from the railway/bus station on your booking confirmation. Transfers are linked to train/bus arrival times. This means you will leave the station 30 minutes at the latest after the arrival of your train. Please note that our shuttle service is organised for you to arrive at the station at least fifteen minutes before your train departs. If you consider this insufficient, we strongly recommend you book an earlier shuttle. If you have booked a departure transfer, you will be sent a precise pick-up time by email or SMS the day before 6.00 p.m. Please remember that Südtirol Transfer is primarily a shared shuttle service and therefore will wait for other passengers to arrive to ensure the transfer is economically and ecologically efficient.

06 - What kind of vehicles may be used to pick me up?

We use ultramodern vehicles of all sizes. The choice of vehicle depends primarily on the number of seats required for the transfer. All vehicles are equipped with modern amenities, such as air conditioning, advanced driver and safety assistance systems, and meet the latest exhaust and pollution standards.

07 - Will there be any other passengers with me on the transfer?

Yes, Südtirol Transfer primarily provide a shared shuttle service. This means transfers are planned to carry several persons in order to make it economically and ecologically viable. It is, of course, possible to book an individual transfer at any time.

08 - What are the advantages of individual transfers?

Our individual transfers offer you the possibility to book transfers from/to other railway stations in South Tyrol and nearby airports too. In this case, you will have a vehicle available for yourself, which will take you to your accommodation or desired destination without any detours or stop-offs.
This will enable you to relax and start your holiday immediately

09 - How much and what kind of luggage can I bring with me?

There will be a limit of one suitcase and one carry-on bag eg. rucksack or laptop bag allowed on board per person per trip. If you intend bringing more baggage with you, please select XL Category. Please let us know in advance, if your baggage exceeds the limitations and we will take care of it. The carrying of sports equipment, e.g. skis, snowboards, golf bags, etc. is basically free of charge, however this must be specified when booking online. For bicycle transportation, a fee of 10.00 EUR per bicycle will be charged.

10 – Can I take my dog(s) with me?

Yes, of course you can take your dog(s) with you in the Südtirol Transfer. Please ensure that your dog(s)  is/are wearing a muzzle. Please pay consideration to other passengers in the vehicle during transportation.

11 - Is there a minimum time frame for ticket reservation before transfer?

Shuttle transfers can be booked until 3.00 pm the day before travelling.. A wheelchair-accessible vehicle can be booked until 3.00 pm two days before the transfer. This is to ensure that a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is available. 

12 - What is the maximum number of passengers I can book for a Südtirol Transfer?

Basically, a Südtirol Transfer is limited to a maximum of 8 passengers per booking. If you need a Südtirol Transfer for more than eight people, please contact our hotline. We will be pleased to offer you a suitable vehicle.

13 - Are suitable child seats available and is there a discount for children?

Please indicate the number of child seats required when booking online. A suitable and safe child seat will be made available to you according to availability. Children up to twelve years of age will receive a 35% discount.

14 – When will I receive a booking confirmation?

A booking confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you provided as soon as you have booked. If you selected to be notified by SMS and/or e-mail, you will be informed of your precise pick-up point at approximately 6.00 pm on the day before your transfer. If you are departing, please make sure you have provided your mobile phone number and/or e-mail address.

15 - How can I cancel or alter my reservation and is there any cancellation fee?

Prepaid reservations cancelled up to three days prior to the scheduled pick-up time will be refunded. A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged for cancellations up to two days prior to transfer while no refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to pick-up time. Re-bookings and cancellations can only be made online until 6.00 pm the day before travelling. A fee of €2.50 will be charged for re-bookings.

16 - How can I pay and is the payment secure?

You can pay for your Südtirol Transfer easily and conveniently online by credit card or direct bank transfer. State-of-the art encryption technologies and our certified partners guarantee secure online payment. You can also pay the driver directly for the Südtirol Transfer in cash.

17 - Where do I find the Südtirol Transfer meeting or pick-up point?

You will be met at the train/bus station by a driver carrying Südtirol Transfer identification. If not, please wait in front of the railway/bus station for the Südtirol Transfer driver to arrive.


18 - Why is it only possible to book Südtirol Transfers until 12.12.2023?

Südtirol Transfers are linked to the train timetables. This means that Südtirol Transfers can currently be booked until 12.12.2023, as the train timetables are valid until this date. Südtirol Transfers after 12.12.2023 will become bookable as soon as the new train timetables have been published.